About Abigail

Abigail Lewis is a book and magazine editor, and web content creator and provider. She was editor in chief of Whole Life Times magazine for 24 years. She was a regular blogger on Lime.com and her writing has also appeared in Billboard, Journal of Longevity, ValleyLife, Common Ground and Conscious Choice. She has coached numerous writers and editors, been a guest speaker in university courses, and been quoted in many nonfiction works. She’s edited numerous books, predominantly in the health, spirituality and self-help genres, and created content for a variety of websites.

Prior to her career in journalism, Abigail was an actor, singer and theatrical producer.

Other brief, random pursuits that have provided fodder for her imagination included coordinating activities for seniors, leading exercise classes, baking for a New York specialty shop (and tasting regularly for quality control), shampooing patrons at a hair salon, modeling for an artist, serving pizza to ravenous skiers, and producing in-flight music programs, all of which pale in comparison to both wordplay and raising her fantastic daughter.

An acute observer, Abigail has a fascination with foreign cultures that has taken her to 23 countries. She loves the outdoors and can be found traversing idyllic mountain trails most weekends.

In addition to publishing, editing and writing for magazines, Abigail assists businesses with marketing and web content, and edits books. She has also mentored aspiring writers through her affiliation with WriteGirl.org.